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Freakish Flicks, a B movie horror night hosted by Madam Corvus Corax at the Lovecraft Bar, brings you all the best in low budget and public domain horror the world has to offer. This month, we bring you a movie during the height of the shopping mall craze, and when it was considered “cool” to hide away and spend the night in the mall avoiding security: Chopping Mall!

This movie, which debuted in the 80’s, follows a group of “young” people who decide to party at the mall in a closed store. However, deadly shenanigans ensue as the newly purchased security robots malfunction and murder! Can our actors successfully fight back and survive? Come drink too much (non-alcoholic beverages like tea are provided too), heckle the movie, and see for yourself.

Seating at 4:30pm, movie starts at 5pm.

Tickets are $5 to play

Host: Madam Corvus Corax
Production Assistant: Lolita Yayo