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Doors 7:30pm.
Show: 8-10pm.

LOVATARAXX is a darkwave duo that produces minimal impulsive beats softened by hypnotical voices. Their layers of evolving synthesised sounds and their heavy bass riffs are deeply mingled with the martial pop sounds escaped from the drum machines. Their chant drowned in delay tells stories influenced by Mythology and Sci-Fi style novels . A cloudy climate is created by this whirlwind of sounds, broken by occasional bursts of light.

Their musical influences range from Suicide, to D.A.F, Tuxedomoon, Figure Study, Absolute Body Control, or Fad Gadget.

Lovataraxx has been touring all over Europe and US west coast those last years. They will be performing at The Lovecraft Bar for the second time.





About Elrond: “Sonic provocateurs Elrond, featuring Ian Gorman Weiland (Misty Montane, Antecessor, Hot Victory) and Vern Avola (Avola, EMS, Prizehog), deliver a cyborgian onslaught of hammered beats and roaring frequencies that would be the highlight of an off-planet prom for Replicants and T-1000s. Often improvising unique live sets and pushing their analog synthesizers to the brink with a style that mixes elements of noise with Berlin school and techno, Elrond are a fair league away from anything resembling nostalgic revivalism.” -Ron Mason Gassaway