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Leading Psychics are a rock duo from Portland, Oregon. Born as a studio writing project between David Frederickson (ThePrids) and Christian Hurd (Nite Hike/Lookbook/Templeton/etc.), now a five-piece live tour de fierce. Leading Psychics is an impeccable program of perfect pop pure enough to make the preemie punks puke. Frederickson and Hurd will also predict your future with 99.666% probability. http://leadingpsychics.bandcamp.com


“Fans of austere electronic acts like The Knife, Austra and Eurythmics will find the mechanical precision of their synth leads and drum grooves addicting while followers of blissed-out guitar pop are sure to be delighted with the ambience Cushman invokes with her ethereal vocals and blurry guitar lines.” – Pete Cottell (Willamette Week) https://darkswoon.bandcamp.com/