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Kicking off their first US tour, Double Eyelid are a goth/glam/darkwave project from Toronto. Their 2014 debut, ‘Seven Years,’ was hailed as an ‘instant dark classic’ by Mick Mercer and featured in several ‘best of the year’ lists. The music recalls influences such as Christian Death, David Bowie, Bauhaus and Edith Piaf, while relentlessly pushing forward into uncharted territory.

Powerful Dark Synth Pop that melts your mind and makes your feet dance, JOOSS is a sonic force to be reckoned with.
Born on January 1, 2018, JOOSS is an exploration of synthesized sounds and voice. Mia simultaneously navigates two synthesizers and loop stations on stage to weave the layers of her compositions into a stage performance where everything is either played or triggered live – with no laptop. Her performance technique focuses on human precision, spontaneity, and live energy.

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