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About Us

The Lovecraft Bar is a horror-themed bar and nightclub located in Portland, Oregon. Open since January 11th, 2011, we pay tribute to the world of the weird, the macabre and horror in music, movies, art, and literature. From the timeless unknown depths of the eldritch in classic horror tropes to more modern twists of macabre and Tim Burton-esque dark, romantic humor.

Voted several times over as being one of the top 10 theme bars in this world , as well as compared to fictional bars such as The Cantina on Tatooine in Star Wars, Tolkien’s bar in Lord Of The Rings, “The Prancing Pony”, to “The Slaughtered Lamb”of American Werewolf in London; popular fictional bars found in fantasy and sci-fi literature and film. For 2 years in a row now we have been voted by Portland as having the top 10 best dance nights for queer parties, 80s, 90s, industrial, goth, punk, alternative, post-punk, dark electro, & EBM.

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